Books, yummy

As what is starting to become a tradition, I've been collecting book ideas and recommendations for the past year or so. If the topic and reviews stick long enough, I then order all of them at once to extend my library and have material for all those times when reading seems like the best thing to do. I find it particularly effective to overcome setbacks and productivity dips.

So here's the list that just arrived, in random order:

• Operating Systems (3rd ed: "The MINIX book"), by Tanenbaum & Woodhull
• Ajax in Action, by Crane & Pascarello
• Rapid Development, by Steve McConnell
• Data Crunching, by Greg Wilson
• The Seasoned Schemer, by Friedman & Felleisen
• Micro-ISV, by Bob Walsh
• The Mythical Man-month, by Frederick Brooks
• Practical Common Lisp, by Peter Seibel
• Joel on Software, by Joel Spolsky
• Code Complete, by Steve McConnell

Plenty to catch up on!