Triggered by an item on lifehack.org, I went through the first few presentations of TED - a yearly get-together of thinkers. Each presentation lasts around 20 minutes, so it takes some serious time to go through a bunch of these. The topics are extremely varied - I found each of the first three absolutely fascinating and can hardly wait to see the rest. The third presentation by Hans Rosling tickled me to no end, there's another presentation at the OECD World Forum from last June.

I can only conclude that this all happening and anyone with broadband access being able to find out about it illustrates how the internet is enabling a new renaissance. What an extraordinary times we live in. And what an opportunities for improving our world!

(Having broken a leg last weekend - silly me - I'm being forced to work at a slower pace the coming weeks. Then again, probably wouldn't have gone through the above presentations otherwise - so there seems to be a silver lining to everything, as they say...)

UPDATE: Dan Gilbert's presentation (#6) is really incredible, IMO.