Life ≠ prices

As Seth Godin puts it best: “It's not about charging less. It's about delight.”.

Just spent a few days in Berlin. Lots of glitz, history, art, and architecture, of course. I was deeply shaken by the
memorial - not in the least because IMO it could all happen again, to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It’s encouraging to experience such a well-balanced statement, specifically in the re-united Berlin and in this day and age.

The reason I mention Berlin is that a few days of wandering around made me realize that life as a tourist would be a lot more fun if not every single sip, bite, and step were tagged with a price, i.e. lots of stupid distractions.

Speaking of which ... next week we’ll be strolling in Paris, my home town when I was 7 and 8.
It’ll be all about delight.