Next gadget

Wired has a short article on e-waste. Every time I buy tech stuff, I feel the s(h)ame and conclude that I need to mend my ways. A few years later, for each type of gadget, the story then repeats itself. Tally for 2007: new notebook + camera + scanner + hard disk. Sure, many gadgets tend to get smaller so the molecular count drops, but that's just an excuse to stash the old stuff in a drawer instead of in the garage (which is full of things I simply can't face taking to the dump).

On the plus side, energy consumption of the tech stuff that's always on here is now under 25 watts per hour (adsl/wlan box, nslu2 server with 2.5" hd, mac mini in sleep mode). Plus the fridge, of course.

Do the two balance out? Not by a long shot. Maybe I can do better in 2008.