Server down

Dizzie, the server for and is about to undergo major surgery - replacing an ancient SuSE 8.2 setup with a new Debian 4.0 (Etch) configuration. There are no SuSE 8.2 security updates since it's no longer supported and I can't find a cdrom image from which to configure a gcc for it, so I can't set up a subversion repository.

Combined with the fact that I need to repartition the disk with no console access (just a remote reboot / rescue system) and the next few days might be quite, ehm... interesting. Luckily, the people at IPX know their stuff and can bail me out if I mess up.

Starting tomorrow, Thursday morning (Europe time), the and domains will be unavailable and return a "503 - Service Not Available" message until the upgrade is over. Emails to jcw @ are ok and will reach me, since they do not go through this server.