Email soup

The bad news: it took exactly 15 days to accumulate 1000 junk emails in my Gmail account (and 55 meaningful ones). And that's after dizzie's basic spamassassin and amavis rules were applied... (stopping another 500 virus emails!).

The good news: Gmail automatically dropped some 98% of the spam. Plus another 75 daily auto-generated emails I always ignore, via a couple of filters.
I now re-route all jcw@... emails to google and then pick them up via POP. It looks like Gmail spam filtering is particularly effective - perhaps because they can detect the same email content arriving for many people and all coming from the same source, and then "undeliver" them as soon as a few people start tagging them as spam, which is very quick to do on their web UI.
Great, just a few emails a day. No distractions!