Goodbye Twitter

A few months back, I set up an account on Twitter. And on Facebook. And a few more.

It was a good way to find out what they are all about. And now I know. It’s about nothing. Noise. Distractions. Following. Being “friends”. On a scale not fit for normal human beings, IMO. And depressingly uninteresting. I’d rather watch TED, listen to Radio Lab, or sit back with an episode of Life, thank you.

So goodbye Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the rest of these social networking sites. I’m outta there. Life’s too short.

The other thing I want to drop out of is Google. Still got some groups and code there, so that will take more work. Dear Google, please stay around forever to help me find stuff. You’re providing an incredible public service. But for everything else, stay away from me. I don’t want your cookies, no matter how sweet you try to make ‘em.