This website is of the eat your own dogfood variety, it is built with:

  • the Mavrig code, based on a few "rigs" from this site
  • Tcl 8.5, using the Tclkit application runtime [1]


  • Lighttpd, as front-end server for static files [2]
  • Subversion, as version-controlled repository [3]
  • Linux Debian "Etch", as the operating system [4]

The hardware is powered by a lowly Intel PIII/700 CPU with 512 Mb of RAM.

This dedicated server is located in a very large and well-connected datacenter near N├╝rnberg, DE. It has been in use for several years with no downtime other than for a RAM and hard disk upgrade and some scheduled maintenance.

Databases are backed up every hour. The entire site is remotely archived weekly.

It just works...