Connect implements a little server which waits for incoming network connections to provide a remote console sessions to telnet, tkcon, and so on.

It can be added to any application to provide such a service independent of what the rest of the application is doing: gui, webserver, etc.

To start listening for remote sessions, use:

    Connect start port  =>  listen on the specified port
    Connect stop        =>  stop listening for remote sessions

Whenever a remote connection is started, an application-level event is fired:

    Rig notify connect.Session open

When the connection is closed, the event fired becomes:

    Rig notify connect.Session close

To accept connections right after application launch, add this to your code:

    Rig hook main.Run { Connect open 2323 }

Only a single remote connection can be open at a time. While the remote session exists, all app output to stdout and stderr will be redirected to that session.

Connect start port ?iface?

Start a new server, listening on the specified port.

The optional interface argument can be specified to limit on which interface this server will listen. Since opening up such a server to public access is a security risk, the default allows connections only from the same machine. Change this to "" for worldwide access, but beware...

Connect stop

Stop the remote session and restore stdout/stderr handling to normal.