Web is a collection of little procs for web parsing and rendering and for HTTP response codes.

Web fullresponse status

Take a status code (1xx..5xx) and append a description if not already present. Returns the resulting string, or the original if it already had a description. The status code descriptions were collected from [1] and [2].

Web htmlize text

Take a string and make sure &, <, >, ", and ' are converted to HTML entities, so that they don't get interpreted. Used to convert plain text to equivalent HTML.

Web redirect reqobj url

Cause the request object passed in as first argument to return an HTTP redirect to the specified URL. This returns a 302 status code. This call never returns.

To be used with Httpd and other similar rigs.

Web sendfile reqobj file

Send a file in the background, as response, and clean up when done.

To be used with Httpd and other similar rigs.

Web urldecode string

Take an url-encoded string and convert it to plain text. Replaces + signs and any %xx escapes back to what was in the original string.