The vqx executable contains Lua and Vlerq. It only depends on the standard C libs.

To build vqx, edit the vqx/Makefile as needed, then proceed as follows:

  cd vqx
  make test        # optional

When called without command-line arguments, vqx displays a help message:

  vqx add file ?...?         - append values to view in file
  vqx create file desc       - create new datafile with given structure
  vqx delete file row        - delete a row from view in file
  vqx fdump file             - dump structure of a data file
  vqx help                   - you're lookin' at it now
  vqx info file              - show some information about a datafile
  vqx lsk file               - list the contents of a starkit
  vqx run file ?...?         - run a script, with optional args
  vqx show file ?...?        - show view contents, remaining args are path
  vqx test ?-v?              - run the standard LuaVlerq tests (verbose)
  vqx version                - show version details
  vqx with file cmd ?...?    - apply cmd to view in file (in 'db' global)
  vqx xdump file ?len? ?off? - hex dump over a 0-based byte range in a file

Note: vqx must currently always be run from the vqx/ directory, because it looks for the file vqx.init (which itself depends on ../src/vq.lua).

This code is experimental, but it can nevertheless be used to try out quite a few things. The main logic is contained in the vqx/vqx.init Lua script.