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If you want me, Jean-Claude Wippler, to work for you...

Software development is more than getting a piece of code to work correctly.

Software must be designed to evolve
Even on "just" the technical side of things, there are major decisions to be made on what technology to choose to ensure that the result will match the expectations and requirements of clients. Selecting an approach which works now, but which also can adapt to changing and expanding needs is one of my specialties.

Review and refinement are the rule
I have a track record for delivering - and helping deliver - software projects on time, on budget, and usually above expectation. Using a common-sense approach of not just delivering fully-tested software, but of also considering the implications of future use, changes, and altered requirements, I occasionally rigoursly rework the design and implementation during a project, to end up with software which is manageable and flexible enough to serve as starting point for many years ahead.

Spend time on architecture, not maintenance
Over the past dozen of years the resulting software has always turned out to be stable, robust, small, and consistent. As an independent software developer, I could not afford any other approach. With products like MetaKit and CatFish being used by many hundreds, resp. thousands, of users there would not be any time left if those products were flawed or hard to extend.

Leveraging software development
The MetaKit library is a core technology which is being developed and extended in major ways, and which has already been incoporated in several production-grade commercial products. Being the designer as well as one of the users allows me to better understand the requirements of this general-purpose database library.

Multi-platform development
Having many years of practical software development experience on Windows, Unix, and Macintosh, gives me a solid background for developing solutions between these different environments - both at the application level (office- and database-products) and at the interface level (networking, data-exchange and -conversion). The list of technologies that I am very familiar with includes C/C++, Perl, SQL, and TCP/IP. I am also comfortable with things such as Java, ActiveX, MS-Office, Lotus Notes, and Corba.

If you have a project...
Feel free to contact me for a proposal. I am used to work on projects running from anything of a few days ("fire fighting") to several months. Every project is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If I feel that a project is not appropriate for me, for whatever reason, I will say so. Depending on the project, my work can include analysis, design, implementation, testing, documentation and/or training.

Most projects are quoted on a fixed-price basis, by agreeing on a specific outcome before a specified date. If preferred, projects can be done on a no-cure-no-pay basis, even large projects. The generic fee for fixed-price software development and consulting work is € 110/hr (US$ 140/hr), but it depends on factors such as total amount of work, complexity, time scale, and estimated risks.

It should go without saying that every project, no matter how small or large, is fully supported. Making you succeed is my primary goal.

-- Jean-Claude Wippler