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10 - Some examples

To see the range of applications it is worth visiting the Starkit Distribution Archive. But a there are a couple of examples that illustrate the versatility and power of Starkits.

Firstly, tclhttpd – a pure-Tcl implementation of an HTTP protocol server written by Brent Welch.

Not only is tclhttpd an embeddable web server that can be included in a Starkit to “web enable it”, but it also provides a framework for generating dynamic page content.

Tclhttpd is simple to add to a Starkit – just grab the Starkit from SDarchive – and (depending on which features are included) can add as little as 380k to the size of a Starkit deployment. Using the UPX version of Tclkit, it is quite feasible to include a full web server plus meaningful content on a single floppy – for either Linux or Windows.

At the other end of the scale is the TkVNC Starkit - a VNC viewer written in pure Tcl/Tk. TkVNC deployed is a cross-platform Starkit that implements the client side of the Virtual Network Computing protocol, all in a single 13k file!

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