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7 - Repositories

Wouldn't it be nice if one could go to a website, pick a couple of packages, select a couple of platforms, and end up with a Starkit (or a few Starpacks) to which only the application-specific parts need to be added?

Much of this is possible today with Starkits, albeit you have to do it manually. Pick the extensions you need, download Tclkits for the platforms you are interested in, add your application code, and wrap it all up into a set of deliverable executables.

The missing piece is convenience.

Developers shouldn’t be assembly-line workers - they should be factory managers. In such a world, a developer would specify the goal, define the required components and fill in the missing pieces (i.e. the application specific code). It should not be a totally manual process, since much of this can be automated. This end goal has been dubbed "SEAL" .... the Standalone Executable Assembly Line.

The longer-term goal of SEAL is to become a self-maintaining resource (through the contribution of developers and users). Prior experience with the Tcl'ers Wiki and the Tclers Chat show that when the parties involved have the right environment and incentives then something special happens - collaboration, synergy and community awareness take over. The economics of this equation are simple: "win-win" - while the costs to achieve this are indeed very low.

Although some of the above is just "blue sky”, there have been a number of steps in this direction, as various developers “scratch itches”.

7.1 - The Starkit Distribution Archive

7.2 - Starsync

7.3 - Setting up a Starsync Server

7.4 - CANTCL

7.5 - Starchive

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