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11 - Conclusion

Tclkit and Starkits are all about deployment - they lower the barriers to building easy to download, install and upgrade cross-platform applications

And they are an ideal way to deliver both open source and commercial applications implemented in Tcl/Tk. Using Starkits there need no longer be a distinction between source, packaged, deployed or installed applications.

Starkits fit in naturally with Tcl/Tk development practices - allowing developers to work with familiar tools and paradigms. And they make deployment “safer” because it becomes part of the development process - not an afterthought with its own hassles and testing requirements.

So the Starkit story is that deployment has been solved.

And because of this Tcl/Tk has the potential to realise the elusive goal of "write once, simple deployment everywhere", perhaps more so than any other language platform currently available.

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Updated paper, by Steve Landers, as presented at Tcl/Tk 2002 conference - see also original PDF.

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