Introduction - 1

Background - 2

Deployment - 3

Starkits - 4

Tclkit - 5

Advanced topics - 6

Repositories - 7

Server apps - 8

Who uses this - 9

Examples - 10

Conclusion - 11





Thanks are due to Jean-Claude Wippler (the original author of Tclkit and Starkits), Mark Roseman and Steve Blinkhorn for their ongoing collaboration on Tclkit and Starkits, and for their assistance preparing this paper.

Also to Larry Virden, for his patient reading of the draft of earlier version of this paper – presented at the Tcl2002 conference in Vancouver, BC.

And, of course, the many giants on whose shoulders we have stood.

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Updated paper, by Steve Landers, as presented at Tcl/Tk 2002 conference - see also original PDF.

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